User visible changes for lzop -- a very fast file compressor

Changes in 1.04 (10 Aug 2017)
  * Happy 20th anniversary release!
  * Added CMake build support.
  * Assorted minor updates.

Changes in 1.03 (01 Nov 2010)
  * Assorted minor updates.

Changes in 1.02rc1 (25 Jul 2005)
  * Made lzop compile with LZO v2.
  * Under Windows files are now opened using the _O_SEQUENTIAL flag,
    which results in a major speedup when (de)compressing large files.
  * Under Mac OS X, the configure script now will use the '-no-cpp-precomp'
    compiler option in order to work around bugs in Apple's native
    "smart" preprocessor.
  * File sizes > 2GB are correctly displayed.

Changes in 1.01 (27 Apr 2003)
  * Five years have passed since the last release: completely updated
    the Autoconf build system, enable Autoconf large file support.
  * Warn about a compressed file's trailing zero bytes only if in
    verbose mode (for compatibility with recent versions of GNU tar).
  * Don't be too strict in favoring stdin - using '--no-stdin' should not
    be necessary any longer in cron jobs.
  * Added option '-P' to save/restore the path name of a compressed file.
  * Added option '--crc32' to use a crc32 instead of an adler32 checksum.
  * Fixed an assertion that could trigger in very rare cases.

Changes in 1.00 (27 Apr 1998)
  * Added command '--ls'
  * Added options '--no-mode', '--no-time', '--no-warn' and '--ignore-warn'

Changes in 0.96 (13 Mar 1998)
  * Updated documentation
  * Added option '--no-stdin'

Changes in 0.95 (07 Dec 1997)
  * Store a checksum by default (use option '-F' to disable)
  * Added support for filters
  * Adapted for LZO 1.02
  * Minor fixes and changes

Changes in 0.94 (15 Oct 1997)
  * Added support for compressed archives (use with option '-o')

Changes in 0.93 (10 Sep 1997)
  * Use in-place decompression to reduce memory requirements
  * Added support for environment variable 'LZOP'
  * Compile fixes for Solaris

Changes in 0.92 (07 Sep 1997): never released
  * Fixed a bug in frames.c when passing an invalid pointer to free()

Changes in 0.91 (01 Sep 1997)
  * Added option '-S'
  * Use GNU getopt for commandline parsing
  * Use dynamic memory allocation

Changes in 0.90 (10 Aug 1997)
  * First public release of lzop - requires LZO library v1.01

Sep 1996:
  * For historical reasons: this is when I started writing lzop